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EXCURSION SXA 45 4-channel amplifier

Power 4x45W RMS

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Product Description

Full-digital 4-channel amplifier with high efficiency and very small dimensions designed to extend and improve the sound of the factory car audio systems (OEM Upgrade). Sided PCB in SMD surface mount technology.

Bringing you the latest technology featuring 'Full Range Digital Chip Technology' with automatic maintaining constant power output regardless of speaker impedance (2 or 4 Ohm). Integrated overload protection, high temperature and the high voltage power supply, automatic switching on and off (Auto Turn ON / OFF), the input signal of the speaker and RCA (Hi / Lo Input), stable operation with a load of 2 ohms.

Excursion SXA-45 has two independent systems that control the activation and deactivation of the amplifier. The first system is a standard control by giving 12V ??connector Remote. The second type of control system is the "Auto Turn On / Off", which can be used if the unit does not have a remote output and input when using a speaker-level signal (High Input). System "Auto Turn On / Off" automatically switches (on and off) amplifier, if you turn the radio on speaker cords voltage appears approx. 6V on the weight of the power supply (this variant is present in most radios, having an internal power amplifier built based on integrated circuits). 


Chanels: 4
Power output. RMS/4Ω (14,4V): 4x45 W
Power output. RMS/2Ω . 14,4V): 4x45 W
Power output. RMS/4Ω Bridge: unsupported 

Frequency response: 20 - 20 000 Hz
Max. Level THD: 0.07%
The signal / noise (S / N Ratio IHF + A):> 90 dB
Sensitivity of RCA inputs (Low Input Gain): 0.2 - 4 V
Speaker Level Input Sensitivity (High Input Gain): 0.8 - 15 V
Efficiency / 4Ω:> 70%
Working in the full range of digital classroom "Full Range Digital"
Automatically maintaining a constant output power regardless of the load impedance of 2 or 4 Ohm
Selection switches the input level "Hi / Lo Input" separately for inputs Front and Rear
Automatic on / off the amplifier (Auto Turn ON / OFF) - operates in the High-Input
Input the "Remote" to manually turn on / off the amp - works in Low-Input
Input Hi / Lo via RCA connectors after you select the operating mode switch "Input High / Low"
Comes with wiring harness connector to connect the speakers prepared Excursion SX series
Nickel-plated RCA connectors and power supply cable
Fuse: 30A
Dimensions (W. / H. / L.) Mm: 94/44/14

Product parameters

Power at 4 ohm (RMS)45
Power at 2 ohm (RMS)45


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