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Fit-Box Enclosures

FBmerc02 Mercedes C W205/S205 Fit-Box subwoofer enclosure

Fits to Mercedes C W205 Lift 2019 - 2021, Mercedes C S205 Lift 2019 - 2021, subwoofer 10"/25cm, volume 15 liters

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BASSER enclosures dedicated to Mercedes C W205/S205 are manufactured in Poland, almost entirely of products from the European Union.  

Their production uses a technology that ensures an increased version and durability of the product. The enclosures are impregnated with a damping paste which provides insuring resistance to external conditions. This process also indicates to better quality and acoustic values.  

The Mercedes C W205/S205 enclosures belongs to the premium class enclosures. Its production is ecological, the amount of generated waste is minimized.  

The product is characterized by high durability, thanks to which, even after many years, the boxes look like new. In BASSER enclosures the subwoofer will sound just as its producer wanted.  

Fit-box subwoofer enclosure is a perfect way to improve bass in the car. By matching to the vehicle it takes a little space and doesn't interfere in regular car use. Box parameters are selcted individual so they can be installed in most popular subwoofers and simultaneously provide great bass in the car. 

Before purchase Fit-Box please make sure it's gonna fit to your car model. Pay attention if your vehicle doesn't have any additional modules or other devices in mounting place. If in doubt, please contact with seller or send photo to make sure the enclosure will fit your vehicle. In some cases you have to be prepared to incise, cut or drill various elements of you vehicle for proper mount.
Responsibility for proper and safe assembly is a person who mounted the enclosure in vehicle. We also recommend to entrust Fit-Box installation to professional car audio company. 

Price list of our products:  BASSER_retail_EN

Product parameters

FabricBlack Melange
Speaker size10"/25cm
Mounting hole diameter (mm)232
Undercut diameter (mm)300
Subwoofer depth (mm)162
MAX magnet diameter (mm)220
Volume closed enclosure (liters)15
Weight (kg)5,5

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