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Match PP 8W-Q subwoofer

Subwoofer 8"/20cm, 200W RMS, 4x3 ohm

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The idea to bring excellent audio enjoyment into the car is only turned into reality when the ultimate listening experience can be granted to everyone.

Regardless of budget and vehicle model MATCH will even excite all those, who have not yet taken the step to consider a sound upgrade in their car. The reason can be “I only have a small or unspectacular car", or "my vehicle is just leased ", or "everything is supposed to remain in the car as it is" or "because it's all too complicated" ...

MATCH Series offers a perfect system solution for every demand and every purpose:
MATCH Plug & Play line provides maximum sound improvement of the original audio system with minimal installation effort.

The huge advantage:
The vehicle remains as it is. Everything will be installed without trace and be removed quickly - an essential aspect especially for leasing cars. MATCH Plug & Play components are the perfect solution for sound at its best from the OEM radio.
MATCH Universal components combine the advantage of reasonable installation efforts but with individual sound concepts. From mono to multi-channel - from basic to better: Scope and finesse of the sound system is up to the customer, MATCH Universal series offers the perfect products.
Both MATCH concepts have one thing in common: The sound difference to the original system will be overwhelming
- promised!

Product parameters

Speaker size8"/20cm
Subwoofer 4 ohm Continuous Power (RMS)200
Subwoofer 1 ohm Continuous Power (RMS)200
Subwoofer impedance (ohm)4x3
Maximum Power (W)400
Mounting hole diameter (mm)183
Undercut diameter (mm)212
Subwoofer depth (mm)105
MAX magnet diameter (mm)130
Volume closed enclosure (liters)10
Volume bassreflex enclosure (liters)10

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